World Exclusive - Caravan Torture

(Warning this page contains shocking material)

It's hard to believe but caravan torture is still being carried out here in the UK. These shocking photographs show members of Her Majesty's Fire Brigade cruelly torturing  a defenseless caravan.

The caravan in question was minding it's own business when a fire engine was seen to pull up and a fireman proceeded to set it on fire simply to amuse the other firemen, who can be seen here laughing and joking about the pain inflicted on the caravan.
This photograph clearly shows one of the firemen urinating on the caravan as a colleague looks on.

The fireman on the left can be seen almost doubled up with laughter as he looks at the devastating injuries caused by their foolish, sick behavior.
This photograph shows one of the firemen removing all identifying marks from the caravan as the others keep a watchful eye.

The fire service have promised a full investigation into these shocking pictures and a spokesman said "If these pictures prove to be authentic we will not hesitate to deal thoroughly with the perpetrators as they have no place in a civilised fire brigade".

Meanwhile in a separate development, news is reaching us of more terrible pictures to be published soon in a Sunday newspaper which are said to show a microwave oven being cruelly tortured by a Corgi registered gas fitter !