Park Your Arse in Blyth Valley

Delboy Enterprises presents a guide to the seating arrangements in Blyth Valley:

Part 1 - Shopping with the kids

Lovely Church !

Blyth Valley boasts a wide variety and choice of seating arrangements for the family shopper !

We will be taking a look at 3 convenient seating provisions near the main shopping area, which offer the average housewife good locations to view other shoppers !


Bench 1: Outside Woolworth's - Very convenient when shopping with the family because the children will always want some sweets or ice cream when you are in Woolworth's and this is a great place to sit and eat in the sunshine as you listen to other peoples conversations !

Nice !


Great ! Bench 2: Top of the market - Near to the bogs and the market chippy. Great if you have little ones who need to go to the toilet on a regular basis ! (Ideal for a nappy change). You get a good view of everyone in the market area too.


Bench 3: Next to the church - Lovely scenic area near to a car park and somewhere nice for the children to play as you watch the other shoppers going about their business.

Cock-A-Hoop With Joy !

NEXT TIME - We look at the seating arrangements around the Bus Station,

Somewhere you can have a really good neb at what others are up to !

But now on a serious note:

In memory of Jean Bell

Jean Bell Manager Keel Row Shopping Centre

This bench has been erected facing the Keel Row Shopping Centre in memory of Jean Bell who held the position of Manager during the years 1992 - 2001.

Jean was a remarkable lady who worked tirelessly for the people of Blyth and she is deeply missed by those who knew her.

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