Cable and Wireless TWR1001 Review

By Dave Pearce


Large illuminated LCD

8 Channels - 38 privacy codes

Up to 2 miles range

Speaker volume control

Scramble function - Has A B C D

Vibrate/ Call Alert

Scan function

Signal Meter.. 1-9.. 9 being the best

Battery Low indicator

Monitor function


Water resistant

FM Radio with 9 preset memories

Clock/ Alarm

7 Melodies to alert you to incoming calls

External speaker/microphone jack

Digital Compass inbuilt

Power save

Comes with 2 set rechargeable batteries and 2 chargers

2 Belt clips (Bit like the swivel ones on the Motorola radios only better!)

First Impressions:

When I got them, I thought they looked cool! Had a nice feel to it, not to big not to small! It had a nice large easy to read LCD screen. They are aimed at Leisure and pro use, but to be honest I would say they are to more pro use considering the functions it has got.


PTT: When held down to talk, a T icon appears in the right hand side of the screen and a little red light also shows, when reciveving a signal, and signal icon appears with a strenth if 1-9.

RIGHT SIDE: You have POWER, simply press and hold, you are greeted with a beep and it also vibrates!

LEFT SIDE: You have PTT upper right with a Monitor button below, which if you hold down for a few seconds it will stay on which saves you from keeping you finger pressed when you want to listen to distance transmissions.


RIGHT: This changes channel number and code, use up or down to change when selected, right again goes to scan, then VOX, and last of all scramble function, which has 4 settings, A, B, C, and D. Both radios have to have the same letter to receive.

UP & DOWN: Volume 1-16

MIDDLE: This has, FM Radio, Compass (works by the direction of the antenna is in), Time, Stopwatch, then setup, to get into you press right key, which then gives you the following:

Priority channel, Delay, (1.5 sec etc), Call (has 7 ring tones), Ring, you can choose ring Vibrate or both together, Roger beep which you can have on or off, Beep (choose whether you want beep on all the buttons), Quiet mode (suppresses the end of transmission to quiet out the squelch, TOT (Donít ask havenít got a clue, you can choose by seconds) and last of all Name (Again donít know, donít see any changes when turned on).


First test was no longer than 200 yards, house to house with my mate, using the radios in a quiet environment and for sure expecting to receive loud and clear, and that I did, volume on 9 was far enough, we used channel 4 Code 33 and scramble code D.  

The other test was from my house, ground floor to town centre! Using same setup except for the volume which was on 14, as was outside and lots of traffic.

Comparing to the 3 radios I have done this test with before, which includes , Motorola T6222, T5522 and Maxon RS446, the TWR1001 was far better, with half a mile or so where the other radios broke up quite a bit, not so much the t6222 but did a little, the TWR1001 didnít break up and had loud and clear transmission! So over all was very impressed!

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