Freedom Of Information ?

We, at Delboy Enterprises, always believed that we lived in a decent, modern society where information can flow freely - But you know something I was WRONG !!!!!!

Here is something that should concern us all:

Taken from the Scan North website:

A Letter from Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police's solicitors have written to my web hosting company (Webfusion) and ordered me to remove all police frequencies from this website, frequencies which you could easily obtain by buying a book in WH Smiths or from your local library! I was told that if I did not comply with this request then the entire Scan North website would be removed. They are of the opinion that publishing police frequencies constitutes an act of inciting people to break the law!

Apparently, as the website is hosted on a shared server it is the hosting company who are legally responsible, not me, as they are effectively the publishers of that information. Naturally they want to protect their business.

To be fair to them they have been very polite about this and have given me the opportunity to remove the offending content whilst keeping the rest of the site up, some web hosts would have simply taken the entire site down.

As I do not wish to have the entire Scan North website taken down I have complied with this request. I have requested a copy of this letter and will give you more details when I receive it.

As I am unable to publish police frequency information anymore, all I can do is recommend that you pop into WH Smiths or any large bookshop and order a copy of the UK Scanning Directory (ISBN 1 900455 11 5). You can order it directly from the publishers (Interproducts) at their website

Scan North has been on the web for over 3 years now and will continue to be here, all be it without police frequencies (which I thought were supposed to be encrypted!)

The police have started moving over to the Airwave Digital system as I write, so as it happens, these frequencies would have become obsolete in a matter of months anyway.

I hope you understand why I have had to comply with their request, and of course there has always been more to the hobby of scanning than just listening to the police!

I would be very interested to hear your views and opinions on this matter.

Scan North Webmaster

What can I say ?

(Not much apparently as I could end up in court !)