Motorola T5422 (Twin Pack) Review

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2 x Radios with 8 Channels (38 CTCSS), Twin drop-in charger, 2 x NiCd battery packs, (Can use AA batteries also), 2 x Belt clips, Water resistant, Side PTT, 5 call tones, Handsfree VOX with optional accessories, Interchangeable front fascia, Time out timer, Keylock, Roger Beep (Can be disabled), Battery meter with audible low battery alert, Monitor button. 

Price: Approx 55

First Impressions

The T5422 are well made professional looking compact radios. They are slightly bigger than the T6222 and feel sturdy enough to take a few knocks. The first thing that you notice is that this radio has a proper ON/OFF/VOLUME switch at the top of the radio. Turn on the radio and you are greeted with a beep. The display lights up showing channel, CTCSS and battery meter.

The second (And very welcome) thing that you notice is that the PTT button is on the left side of the radio. This is the traditional location and differs from the T6222 which came in for some criticism due to the fact that the PTT was located on the front, center of the radio. 

The main features of the radio are accessed by pressing the MENU button and then using the + and - buttons to change the settings. Above the MENU button to the left we find the CALL button. This radio has 5 different call tones. On the right we find the MONITOR button which will open the squelch so you can hear weak stations.

Audio quality from the internal speaker is very good and can be precisely adjusted using the rotary volume control.

The radios come with a twin drop in charger and 2 x NiCd battery packs. Charging takes approximately 14 hours from flat. The radios can also be powered with AA batteries. Each radio requires 3 such batteries to operate.

Each radio is also supplied with 2 interchangeable front covers, One is blue and the other is black. 


Monitor: The monitor feature is selected by pressing and holding the MON button. The squelch is opened until the button is released.

Call Tones: You can select one of 5 call tones from the menu.

CTCSS: 38 sub codes to help avoid interference from other users.

Time Out Timer:  The radio will emit a beep and then stop transmitting after a continuous period of 60 seconds, thus saving battery power (Please note this feature cannot be turned off).

Key Lock: When activated all keys other than the Press To Talk, Monitor and Call button are disabled on the radio.

VOX: This radio can be operated hands free using optional accessories. The VOX sensitivity can also be changed from the menu.

Battery Life

Alkaline(AA): Up to 27 hours

Supplied NiCd Pack: Up to 12 hours 

NiMh(AA): Exceeds alkaline batteries in most cases.

Performance Test

My first contact was made with Peter who is located about 1.5 miles away. Peter was using his Telcom TW1000 and he reported that my audio was very clear and easy to read. He also reported a good steady signal with no interference or hiss. I then did a comparison between the T5422 and my T6222 (My favourite PMR446 radio). Peter reported that there was very little difference between the two radios, the T6222 was slightly louder but not by much. Receive on the T5422 also appeared to be just as good as on the T6222.

Contact was then made with David (M0DAD) who lives about half a mile away from me. He also gave a good report, saying that the audio from the T5422 was "Loud and Clear" on his newly acquired Binatone MR600's. 

All was looking good, so next came a mobile test. I took a drive around town in my car with the T5422 speaking to my Dad. Results again where similar to those attained with my T6222. Mobile contact was good up to about 1 mile then the signal would break up as I passed larger buildings. I then drove to a spot on the other side of town, approximately 2 miles from my Dad's location, got out of the car and was able to make a good clear contact During this test my dad was using the other T5422.

A trip to the top of our local pit heap provided a "DX" contact of 5 miles to Ray in Ashington. He reported a good signal on his Oregon Scientific radio. He also reported that he could not tell the difference between the T5422 and my T6222 when a comparison was made.


I have always been impressed with the Motorola range and this new radio continues the excellent standards I've come to expect. Both RX and TX performance appears similar to the T6222. Build quality is superb. Yet, a pair of T5422's complete with battery packs and charger costs less than the cost of a single T6222 !!!!!!

So, very good value for money !

On the downside there is no channel scan facility on the T5422, a feature that has now become almost standard on PMR446 radios. The T5422 also lacks the voice scrambling facility of the T6222. However, if you can live without these features I think you'll find it difficult to get any other radio of this quality at this price ! 

Overall a very good PMR446 package.

Recommended for: Family, recreational, and light business use, should be able to take a few knocks.

Many thanks to Radios-UK who can supply this radio package, accessories and have a large range of other PMR446 radios to choose from.

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