PMR446 Car Sticker

(As Featured In Radio Active Magazine)

Using PMR446 whilst out and about ? - Why not tell the world with a PMR446 Car Sticker !

Simply click on one of the images below, print it out and place it in your car, van, lorry, or caravan window !

PMR446Logo1.jpg (31472 bytes) PMR446Logo2.jpg (31304 bytes) PMR446Logo3.jpg (38219 bytes)
PMR446Logo4.jpg (41087 bytes) PMR446Logo5.jpg (30249 bytes)

This should increase your chances of making a PMR446 contact whilst out on the road !

Instructions: Click on the coloured logo of your choice and the full sized image will load. Then right click on the image and select "Save Picture As". Save the picture to your image folder then use your image software to print the logo out at a size that suits you. Now place the PMR446 Logo in your vehicles window. 

Please feel free to use these logos on your website - Distribute them freely and as often as possible.

The more people displaying these logos the better as we will all benefit from increased contacts.

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