Twintalker 3600 Review

I got a pair of these in a blister pack from Lidl for the princely sum of 13.00 per pair, the first thing that stood out about this transceiver was the size, a very compact radio!

Having opened the pack and installed 3 AAA batteries in one of the radios I was quite impressed with the build quality. The Twintalker has a nice feel in the hand with the PTT button placed on the left hand side of the radio, volume control, channel/CTCSS change, call button and on off switch are on the front.

The LCD  gives a transmit  indication by the use of a square line around the outside of the display or TX frame as it's called in the manual.

Main Features:

8 Channels, 38 CTCSS Sub channels

Roger beep / 5 Call tones

Monitor button, Removable belt clip

Battery strength indicator, Keypad lock

The 3600 has CTCSS ident decode on scan (very good I thought for the price and size)

Audio quality is good both from Tx & Rx. The squelch, although non-adjustable, seems to be reasonably well set. It can be bypassed by use of the monitor button.

I did find the volume when set at its minimum level  too be a bit on the loud side. The 3600 does not have any external mic / ear  connections. A slight gripe but not a major problem is the mic opening is just under the LCD so you have to hold the radio up a little bit to get clean audio to the receiving radio (the other half did nag). The display is a little hard to read due to it's size, but works well.

In my normal radio test conditions (Walking the dog, with the wife humouring me buy sitting at home in the warm with the other radio) I could get a reasonable range of  just under a mile in a built up area with good audio on both transmit and receive. I have not tested the radio on a good distance yet but feel it will perform well. 

In conclusion this is a good radio to have in your pocket for a trip out, just in case you get to a point that will give some DX. I now have a 3600 in my dog coat at all times.


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