Binatone Roamaround 100

Review by David Noon


8 Channels with 38 CTCSS Sub Channels

Backlit LCD Display

VOX Facility

Out of range warning system

Batteries - 3 X AA (Penlight)

Channel Scan Facility

Price - 30 each / 50 pair at ARGOS

Available in Yellow / Blue / Black



This unit is basically a re-badged Goodmans Tracker but is available in a choice of colours. 

The scan facility is very useful in making sure that you hear all the conversations in your area. It is easily operated by pressing the mode button and either the up or down button together. The only problem is that you must keep the buttons pressed, as soon as you release the buttons the scan stops. I.E. No auto scan.

The reception on this unit is sometimes choppy with the squelch kicking in and out. I think that the squelch level is set a little high. At one point I hung a set of keys on the antenna and the reception was improved !

Overall reception is good in a busy town center and by simply climbing to the top of a hill I was able to hear security staff, car park staff and delivery staff from local firms using PMR446 to keep in touch with each other. The audio quality is excellent on transmit and receive and the radios have a good solid feel to them. I have personally made a 15 mile contact using this radio. Not bad for 500mw.

Very easy to use with clear instructions and would be great for first time radio users or those who just want to switch on and use without any complications.

Great value for money and very useful.

David Noon

Many thanks for that review David !

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